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How is the weather in Los Roques?
Air temperatures range between 22° (71°F) and 30°C (86°F), making Los Roques a Caribbean paradise and sea water temperature stays at around 27°C (81°F) the year round. During the winter months it gets chilly at night so bring a sweater. Trade winds blow from the east at 10 to 25 knots. It is very unusual you would run into a calm day.

What should I pack?
Soft luggage please! (it will fir better on boat cabinets). Bathing suits, beach towels, t-shirts, shorts and sun block are all you need onboard Obsession. Deck shoes are the only footwear allowed on the boat. Bring your photo or video equipment and plenty of film (film is not available on the main island).

What kind of food is served on board?
The menu on Obsession is international. Breakfast is normally continental (coffee or tea, orange juice, milk, yogurt, croissants, crackers, butter, jellies, cream cheese and fresh fruits). Lunches and dinners are based on local fish, seafood, chicken, meat, vegetables, salads, potatoes, pasta, rice and desserts or fresh fruit. Lobster is available on season (November through April). Hors D'Oeuvres are served daily before sunset. Obsession also has a barbecue!

And the Beverages?
Drinking water, sodas, fruit juices, beer and local rum are included. Wine is served with dinner every night. Imported liquors are provided on request only.

How do I get to Los Roques?
There are daily flights to and from Maiquetía (Caracas international airport) on several small airlines.

What is available on the main island?
On Gran Roque there are limited supplies of food, clothes, souvenirs, etc. Medical emergencies are attended by a doctor who lives on the island permanently. You can make international calls from the main island or the boat using the boat phone.






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A typical fisherman from Los Roques


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Map of Los Roques Venezuela (Spot image)

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