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There are 5 guest cabins inclusive the master suite,

each with 2 bunks. Obsession can accommodate 12

persons. There is two toilets/heads on board. Showers 

are usually taken outside on the platform.

The boat is well ventilated with its all direction

hatches, so there is no need for air-condition.

In case the boat is moored in the marina, all cabins


Obsession Los Roques Venezuela © 1996-2008  

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Your sailboat in Los RoquesYour personal charter boat in Los Roques Venezuela

Postal Address: spacer.gif (47 bytes)Intl. Telephone & Fax: spacer.gif (47 bytes)E-mail:
Spirit of Obsession
Los Roques
spacer.gif (47 bytes)Phone: +58 (0)414 2877554
spacer.gif (47 bytes)Boat phone:+58 (0)414 2027771
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